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Hello, this is Ashton and Izzay. Here we'll share videos, pictures and stories about our relationship. Feel free to ask us questions as individuals or a pair. Follow if you want nudes. ~*~*~*

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cuties (◡‿◡✿)

Anonymous said: Can we have a shirtless pic of you and izzay?

What the fuck


Anonymous said: hey you guys, so I have a question. My boyfriend and I are both virgins, we aren't planning on a set time to lose our virginity and we don't even know if we will lose it to each other. We've only been dating a month, but recently when we are alone things have been getting, well, heated. He is a very kind guy and always makes sure I'm comfortable. He's always making sure I am enjoying myself, and I feel like we may go to that limit soon. It's just, how do I know that he's the right one?

Sex is made so sacred by society….. When you’re ready you’ll know and even of he isn’t your soulmate, your first time is special and if he is as great as you think he is then it wouldn’t be that unpleasant to remember your first time being with him would it? (-:


Anonymous said: you cuties are the biggest cuties



kawaii-sugar-cube said: who is the tallest ? you guys are the cutest couple I have ever seen, happy holidays. ^_^

haha thank you. Izzay is taller


Anonymous said: Ashton, Why does everyone think you're a girl? (also, u guys are adorbs)

because i look like one lol.


Anonymous said: thats why i asked bc hes a boy and its generally acceptable for boys to be shirtless (because society is sexist) so yeah if not thats totally ok babes just thought id ask uvu

I wasn’t meaning to come off rude! (-:


Anonymous said: i wont ask of izzay becase shes still a baby but ashton can we have a shirtless pic????????



Anonymous said: Your blog is so cute. I love coming here when I feel sad in humanity. What you and Ashton have makes me feel like there's hope in the world for love after all. Stay cute! <3

Thank you so much! Happy Christmas Eve!

Twerkin&#8217; &#8216;round da christmas tree